Network performance update: Birthday Week 2023

We at Cloudflare are always striving to bring more privacy options to the open Internet, and we are excited to provide more private and secure browsing to Edge users. To learn more, head to Microsoft’s Edge Secure Network page or Microsoft’s support page. If you’re a partner interested in using a privacy-preserving proxy like this one, fill out this form. For crypto trader the purposes of this blog, we’ll call the devices people are using to browse the Internet (your phone, tablet or computer) clients, and the websites they’re trying to visit origin sites. The easiest place to add these addresses is your router, though as always it’s also a good idea to add these to the settings of the networking gear in all your devices.

  • While you can’t use WARP to bypass geoblocks, it does offer other benefits.
  • This is encrypted using a public key and can only be read by Cloudflare.
  • This is a place to discuss everything related to web and cloud hosting.

The service also makes use of several standards such as DNS Query Name minimization to improve privacy. Furthermore, Cloudflare’s DNS service supports two of the most common DNS security mechanisms, namely DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS. To back their privacy flag and pennant patterns claims, the company has retained the services of auditing firm KPMG to vet their service every year and make their findings public. You can use the app to switch to Cloudflare’s DNS resolver with a single tap, and it also offers a few other benefits.

Cloudflare Innovation Weeks 2021

I have a simple bash script that fetches four urls from my site with the curl command and logs some data to a file. It logs values of time_starttransfer and the cf-cache-status header. This script runs once every 2 hours and waits 1 minute between each url.

You can use the service as a vanilla resolver or with blocks for malicious and adult content that are very smartly offered on separate IP addresses. You can also use the DNS Performance Test script to query the popular public DNS services from your location. You can run the bash script without installation in Windows using the WSL compatibility layer. The results of the script will be more relevant to you as compared to the global averages reported by

  • Today, we are adding the final missing piece of the puzzle with ECH.
  • Its reverse proxy and global CDN services make Cloudflare one of the largest web infrastructure providers, which by their own admission put them in the right spot to launch a consumer DNS service.
  • I recently saw it get mentioned in a comment and it made me realize that other than seeing it on some sites I’ve visited, I haven’t come across it.
  • The number of networks where we are #1 in terms of 95th percentile TCP Connection Time is one of our key performance indicators.
  • This means that although intermediaries will be able to see that you are visiting a website on Cloudflare, they will never be able to determine which one.

New supermarkets can’t even begin to incorporate if they’re faced with massive wage and regulatory requirements. This concentration of power in the hands of a few companies, like Cloudflare, Google, and Meta, is precisely why anti-trust laws were established. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of political will to enforce these laws effectively. As a result, the future landscape of the internet is likely to differ radically from what we are familiar with, and not for the better. In the meantime you can go to and use the web application or the mobile version.

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Before couple months I was just using DNS/CDN/Cache stuff now as I see they have bunch of amazingly cheap cloud solutions. The service’s ad-free app also makes switching to it fairly straightforward and offers the VPN-like service as an optional add-on. Like its what is trade size peers, Cloudflare’s is a recursive DNS service as well. As expected, instead of using a centralized cache, the service uses a distributed one for better latency. It’s served by Cloudflare’s Global Anycast Network and is available publicly for everyone to use.

And this is already one major aspect, that led to Cloudflares popularity – the DDoS protection. But to effectively protect them they need to do a https inspection. I compare it to a man-in-the-middle attack because they need to decrypt the SSL-encrypted network traffic and then encrypt it again. Our customers are accustomed to us launching new services, features, and functionality at a feverish pace, but recently, we’ve been especially active. This week we celebrated our 8th Birthday Week by announcing new offerings that benefit our customers and the global Internet community…. As more and more websites rely on Cloudflare’s services, a significant portion of internet traffic passes through their network.

This first line of the table shows that Cloudflare was ranked #1 in 45% of networks in June 2023 and 44% in August 2023. Here’s the full picture of how we looked in June versus how we look today. Below is the change in percentage of networks in which each provider is the fastest plotted over time.

Use and Performance

“[S]o this is where the run ends,” remarked on user, noting that their comment was prompted by them seeing that the stock was trending on r/WSB. Mentions of NET stock spiked on Reddit early this morning although volume has declined slightly, down 3.22% from when markets opened. Cloudflare is maintaining our steady growth in the percentage of networks where we’re the fastest. Despite the slight tick down the past couple of months, the trendline is still positive and with a higher rate of increase than other networks.

Can someone explain in the simplest terms possible what cloudflare warp actually does? Also what even is cloudflare?

This ensures these devices continue to use Cloudflare’s DNS even when connected to an untrusted network like in a hotel or a cafe. While IPv6-only networks aren’t the norm yet, if yours is one you can use Cloudflare’s DNS without any issues. That’s because it supports DNS64, which allows it to create IPv6 addresses from IPv4 hosts. Cloudflare also extends its DNS service to resolve addresses over the Tor anonymity network. When you add your application to Cloudflare, we use this network to sit in between requests and your origin server
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. In order to explain how ECH works, it helps to first understand how TLS handshakes are performed.

As can be expected in a scenario such as this, other users began calling for a short play. Time to short this overbought garbage trading at 100x sales.” The comment hasn’t received too many responses yet, but it’s easy to see where the short mentality comes from. Cloudflare is clearly a company that digital investors like to root against.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox are starting to ramp up support for ECH already. If you’re a website, and you care about users visiting your website in a fashion that doesn’t allow any intermediary to see what users are doing, enable ECH today on Cloudflare. If you’re an existing paying customer, just head on over to the Cloudflare dashboard and apply for the feature. We’ll be enabling this for everyone that signs up over the coming few weeks. The outer SNI is a common name that, in our case, represents that a user is trying to visit an encrypted website on Cloudflare.

The inner SNI contains the actual server name that the user is trying to visit. This is encrypted using a public key and can only be read by Cloudflare. Once the handshake completes the web page is loaded as normal, just like any other website loaded over TLS. This means that despite the amazing efforts of TLS and DoH, which websites you’re visiting on the Internet still isn’t truly private.

We constantly measure our own network’s performance against other networks, look for ways to improve our performance compared to them, and share the results of our efforts. Since June 2021, we’ve been sharing benchmarking results we’ve run against other networks to see how we compare. Over time, we hope others will follow our footsteps, leading to a more private Internet for everyone. The more providers that offer ECH, the harder it becomes for anyone to listen in on what users are doing on the Internet. Just because a company is offering services enough that a plurality of users accept, doesn’t warrant government interception or action.

Whenever you visit a website, your operating system needs to know which IP address to connect to. DNS by default is unencrypted, meaning anyone can see which website you’re asking about. To help users shield these requests from intermediaries, Cloudflare introduced DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in 2019. In 2020, we went one step further and introduced Oblivious DNS over HTTPS which prevents even Cloudflare from seeing which websites a user is asking about. Cloudflare claims the service has access to the addresses of more than 7 million domain names on the same servers it runs on.

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